Do You Want SuperHuman Strength?

Master Strongman Reveals 

Secrets of the KING of Lifts

Imagine lifting more weight overhead with ONE HAND

than most people can with two!

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"How To Put More Weight Overhead With One Hand Than You Currently Can With Both!

Hi, my name is Iron Tamer Dave Whitley and welcome to Taming the Bent Press.

You're about to discover the secret of How to quickly learn the Bent Press....... even if you've never done it before!

Several years ago I wrote the book Taming The Bent Press, as a labor of love and an attempt to break the common misconceptions about this amazing old-time lift. 

Shortly after that, I created a video companion to the book and in it I explain how to put more weight overhead with one hand than you ever have before.

This is that video.

Are you ready to explode your strength to Superhuman Levels?

To your strength!

Iron Tamer Dave Whitley

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